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Drink From the Deep » The Woman by this Well

The Woman by this Well

I am a “water-er”.

God called me to this . . . to water.

I’ve known that for over 20 years. I haven’t fully understood what it means. . . . what it looks like – but in those 20 years, God has slowly been revealing His plan to me and for me. I have tried to be faithful throughout the years to water where He needed me to. The way I’ve watered and what I have watered with and who I have watered has varied over time.

But “who” I am has never changed.

Watering is what I am to do!

What does that mean to you?

How can I bring water into your life?

What am I talking about with this “Well” and the “deep” water?

This well is the heart of God.   The water is what springs out of His heart – His love! . . . for me . . . for you . . . for all of humanity!

This water can do many things – different things to different people depending on where they are on their journey – but many wonderful things!  It will refresh you, encourage you, change you, heal you, challenge you, transform you . . . and even though it truly does satisfy like nothing else . . . it will still leave you thirsting for more and more of this life-giving living water!

One thing is for sure . . . GOD is the ONLY one that can draw those “vessels” (people) into the DEEP water that is down this well.

He is the only one that can bring it out into the light and release it into the world – to be shared – not kept to yourself. What could one person do with all that water?

Why am I at this well?

So that is my mandate to share the water from the deep part of the well. . . . the lessons that God has taught me in the deep – the words of God that He has filled me with as I went down deep with Him.

It seems dark down there sometimes. I have felt alone on the journey down – especially having gone through all the muck and junk on the top of the well. But – WOW – the water below is so refreshing! It has given me new life! Everything tastes better with this water! Life is better with this water! Nothing has ever been the same! Why did I ever doubt?!

Can I give you some water?

Will you take a little and just taste it for me?

What does it taste like at first? Smell it . . . hold it in your mouth . . . swish it around . . . . . swallow it. Then what does it taste like? Any different? . . . . .Keep tasting.

Some of you will just plain refuse to taste it. You cannot possibly imagine that anything from that disgusting well could taste good or be good for you. You will walk away and not even try. Please come back. Please just try a sip. I won’t force you to try it . . . but I will ask. What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain?

Some of you will swish the water around in your mouth to fully taste it. You will evaluate and criticize it – not wanting to believe it’s really drinkable, good-for-you, or even better than the water you have at home. You may even spit it out as it tastes so different than the water you are used to. Pure, filtered, un-tainted water can feel and taste that way. But keep your cup of water. Keep tasting it frequently. Keep coming back for more water to sip. Taste it with other “foods”. Compare how it makes the food taste in your mouth. Does it enhance the food? Or make it taste sour? Taste again.

Some of you have tasted this water before – but maybe only one sip. You never knew where to get more. You’ve been thirsty, but you forgot the way to the well. Let me show you. I’m not the one who will really lead you to the well. We have an all-knowing Guide! I’m just following Him.

Some of you will gulp it right down. You will want more! And some of you won’t want to wait for me to bring you more. . . . You want to go to the well yourself! Do it! Let God help you draw up that water! But remember . . . it’s not just for you. You have to share it!

So who’s thirsty? . . . . . Are you?

You are being called to draw DEEP into this well!

You will never regret it!

Drink Deep today!

– Lori 🙂

3 Responses to "The Woman by this Well"

  1. kathy ulrich says:


    I just “stumbled” upon your website….holding the Spirit’s hand of course! I’ve just spent a few minutes sipping the sweet waters that flood your site. I will be spending a lot of time here at your well…THANK YOU for digging deep and for sharing so freely. You are a kindred spirit and I look forward to getting to know you. In His Love,

    1. Lori says:

      Kathy – Hi there! Welcome to this well! Sorry it took awhile for me to respond. It’s been busy around here lately – and I’m feeling a bit “parched” today and need a drink from God’s well myself! 🙂 I am hoping that once things settle down here with school and a new job starting (amongst other things!) – that I’ll get back to posting more often.
      Hope to see you around this well! Drink deeply – and share God’s love with others!
      Lori 🙂

  2. Ilze Strydom says:

    Love the taste…think I’ll stay a while!

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