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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

On Friday (Good Friday) I talked about how thankful I was for what Jesus did for me.

But that was only HALF the story . . .

Today is an even MORE joyful day!! Why?

No . . . it’s not because the Easter Bunny is going to bring me chocolate eggs and candy.

No . . . it’s not because we got to buy new outfits for church today.

No . . . it’s not even because we can have a scrumptious lunch or dinner with our family.

Today is joyful – because Jesus didn’t just die for my sins . . . but He ROSE FROM THE DEAD and conquered death – for ME!

(How many of you can say you’ve done that?! :))

“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. . .” – Matthew 28:6

Without Jesus conquering death by rising from the dead – the payment for our sins would not have been as significant. It would have been just another sacrifice similar to all the other sacrifices made. But in rising from the dead – He overcame the authority that had been given to Satan – took it back – and then gave it to us! He died not only so that we could go to heaven one day – but so that we could have an ABUNDANT LIFE here on earth!


You are truly LOVED today!

Did you know that? Do you know just how much you are loved?! No matter what you did, didn’t do, what your life has been like, how badly you have messed up . . . YOU . . . ARE . . . IMMENSELY LOVED! It’s the truth!

Don’t believe it? Tell me more – tell me why. Ask me about it. Know that I am who I am today ONLY because of the Love of God!! And yes . . . His Love NEVER fails!

I want to end with this video. {I LOVE it!}

“That’s my King! Do you know Him?!”

What are you thankful for this Easter?

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