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FREE MP3 download: Graham Cooke – What God wants from you

FREE MP3 download: Graham Cooke – What God wants from you

Graham Cooke If you haven’t heard me say it before . . . I LOVE Graham Cooke! I love the kindness of God that he carries.  I love the heavenly perspective he has on life – especially on the difficult things we go through in life.  If you’ve read or listened to anything by him – you’ve probably heard him talk about getting an “upgrade” in life! When we are faced with a difficult situation (financial, relational, emotional, … Read entire article »

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Shame – Read my lips. . . .NO Condemnation!

Ok – here’s my first attempt at putting an audio file on my blog! You will probably want to go down and hit “pause” on the music player so that you can listen to this. I will also see if I am able to post it so you can download the file – and then put it on your ipod or mp3 player to listen to on the go! Here I go – diving a bit deeper into the world of technology! 🙂 This teaching was one that the Lord recently allowed me to do at our church’s Women’s Immersion Weekend – all about our Identity in Christ. I was one of 4 speakers. In preparing for this topic, the Lord showed and taught me alot … Read entire article »

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In over your head

God had showed me a vision on Sunday during worship. We were like the Israelites – we have been set free (from Egypt/bondage/saved from that which enslaved us) – and we are on our way in life. . . but we have come up against the Red Sea – an impossible situation. We feel trapped – our enemies are on our back and it seems that there is no way to go – no way out of this. What use was our salvation/freedom if this is what is going to happen?!! When this happened to the Israelites- they wanted to just go back to Egypt – where at least they would have food, shelter and wouldn’t die like this. Yes, they would be in slavery/bondage – but that would … Read entire article »

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