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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! On Friday (Good Friday) I talked about how thankful I was for what Jesus did for me. But that was only HALF the story . . . Today is an even MORE joyful day!! Why? No . . . it’s not because the Easter Bunny is going to bring me chocolate eggs and candy. No . . . it’s not because we got to buy new outfits for church today. No . . . it’s not even because we … Read entire article »

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Happy Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday!

I have this picture on my dining room wall. Several years ago, my husband and I went out for coffee at a Christian coffee shop, and this picture was hanging in their little gift shop. I could not take my eyes off it all night! I mentioned it to my husband, and he surprised me at Christmas with it a few months later. Why couldn’t I keep my eyes off it? I grew up in church … Read entire article »

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The Hands & Heart of God (JJ Heller:Your Hands)

The Hands & Heart of God (JJ Heller:Your Hands)

Listening to this song this morning, I felt there was someone that needed to not only hear it – but hear a word from God – just for them! First – Here are the lyrics for this song.  Read them while you listen. Your Hands (JJ Heller) I have unanswered prayers I have trouble I wish wasn’t there And I have asked a thousand ways That you would take my pain away You would take my pain away I am trying to understand How … Read entire article »

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Are you IMMUNE to ARREST?!

Hello there! I hope you are doing well! I’ve missed sharing with you for the past few weeks. I’ve been trying to get caught up with alot of household things – reorganizing, simplifying, etc! But I’ve missed you! I just wanted to share some thoughts with you today about what I am reading in Exodus. No – this will not be boring! 🙂 Yes – it looks long . . .but trust me . . . it’s easy to read -and well worth it! 🙂 Take a chance! What do you have to lose? 10 minutes out of your day? 🙂 Great! I’m glad you are joining me for this journey! I love having company! 🙂 (ps – please … Read entire article »

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Prayer for the nation – and LOVE!

Here is a link to the mp3 recording of the national prayer conference call that happened on Thursday, Septemeber 24th, 2009. Please listen and pray along for our nation! God loves us – and wants us to return to Him – to be the bride He has created us to be. He wants to hold us close – to let us not just “know” that His heart beats for us – to just “know” that He loves us (“Jesus loves me this I know – for the Bible tells me so”) . . . . but He wants us to FEEL His love for us – to FEEL His heart beating for us. Our hearts are the source of our lives. If our heart were to stop beating – … Read entire article »

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I wanted to post my own personal testimony that I shared with my local MOPS group a few weeks ago. Sometimes you come across blogs or websites that you like – but wonder – who is this person writing all this really? Well – there are no secrets here! Satan likes to keep us in bondage through our secrets – and I, for one, am fed up with it! I am loving the freedom that Christ died on the cross to give me -and I want more of it! I know that God LOVES to take what the enemy meant for evil, and use it for good – to change lives, to set people free, to minister to our broken hearts,and more! You’ve got to read my other post called … Read entire article »

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Catch the Fire!

I have thoroughly been enjoying the Catch the Fire conference at CBN this week (click the link to watch online). God has been touching so many lives – healing people from physical sickness and pain as well as emotional, mental and spiritual issues. God is AWESOME!!! I know that many people are leary and unsure about all the “manifestations” – the shaking, falling down, laughing, etc that goes on at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and the Catch the Fire Ministries. I was too at first. However, I loved what Duncan Smith said tonight at the conference about it! He said “I’m a man that is just trying to cope with God on the inside of my skin!” Just imagine . . . the God of the whole universe … Read entire article »

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Time to Rescue

I find it fascinating how God will quietly and secretly intertwine things in my life to make a point. He does it all the time . . . but I have to pay attention. Many times it may seem like a coincidence – but I know it’s not. I’ve heard Him talk to me so many times in my life through various means, that I know it is by His design and not just some coincidence. Lately there have been a few themes running through various channels in my life (like preachers on tv, my own devotional times, random conversations with friends, etc). The first of which is that God has been getting on my case about my procrastination in writing the book He wants … Read entire article »

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