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Resting imparts a melody like no other!

God has been trying to teach me how to just “rest” in Him for this season. I’ve been in a season of transition for awhile – feeling like I have been stuck in a “lock” – you know – the kind where a boat goes into, in order to transition from one body of water to another higher (or lower) body of water. I have felt stuck here for awhile . . . waiting . . . waiting . . . not doing much . . . waiting . . . all the while – knowing that there is a huge body of water that I was designed to sail in – to be a part of – to take dominion over and live in . . . my promised … Read entire article »

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Tired? Weary? Pink Dandelions?!

I just wanted to share a private conversation I had with God back on Dec. 26th, 2009. It’s an honest picture of how I was feeling that day – hiding nothing. The reason I am willing to share it with you today is because it was encouraging me even more today – and I thought that it might encourage you! I hope so! None of us are perfect – but God is – and I’m thankful that He will take all of me – and give me all of Him in return! 🙂 Take a refreshing sip today! L 🙂 L – Happy Birthday Jesus (a day late)!! Ok . . . so I know it probably wasn’t the exact date. 🙂 But … Read entire article »

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