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CBN Spiritual Gifts Seminars

I just wanted to let you all know about a little known secret . . . . CBN (The Christian Broadcasting Network) has been doing an online Spiritual Gifts Seminar since this summer (2008). It started out just one night a week, but now is up to 3 nights each week (and hopefully more to come)! You can check it out live on Mondays and Tuesdays from CBN, and Thursdays from Toronto, Canada (and the Catch the Fire School of Ministry) at You can view archives of the previous sessions as well. Click on the section in the middle that says “Spiritual Gifts” (webcasts). Whether you watch the program live or the archived version – God is doing miraculous works in people’s lives – in person at the events and online … Read entire article »

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The Day of the Lord is coming . . . are you ready?

In my quiet time with the Lord, the Lord asked me to write something down. I wasn’t sure why He was having me write this down as I had no avenue to really share this – but just trusted God to show me the time and place in which to share it.Be encouraged and be challenged! Go a little deeper today!Lori 🙂 June 5th, 2008 The day of the Lord is coming. He is coming with a vengence and with power. All those before Him will be forced to worship the one true King. Al those before Him will know who is King. But do not fear, those of you who are called His children – do not fear – because you are children of the … Read entire article »

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Praying on Wall Street – Grain, Wine & Oil

October 10th, 2008 Bear with me as I walk through things (out loud . . . or in this case – in a blog) that I sense God saying to me and taking me through. I may be wrong at times – but my heart is right, and my desire is to know God intimately, to walk and talk with Him, to do His will for my life, to “say what He tells me to say”, and to see people (and a nation) changed for God’s glory and for their freedom! Today I went to pray on Wall Street. I was planning on doing some sight-seeing in New York as I visited my sister for the weekend, but I could not shake the feeling that I was, instead, supposed to go pray … Read entire article »

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Oil, wine and grain

On Sunday, during worship at church, the Lord showed me a picture. He was holding a wooden bowl filled with oil. He was holding it out for His people. The people had been reaching up and dipping their fingers in the oil, but He wanted to pour it out on them instead. He was ready to pour it out . . . but were the people ready? He said that the oil would never run out – it would never stop flowing as long as His people allowed Him to pour it out on them. At one point I was praying over my children (frustrated because they were fighting with each other) – and I saw myself reach up and push on the back of the bottom of the bowl – to … Read entire article »

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My Daddy is taking care of it!

As I watched the stock market go on a roller coaster ride today (mostly going down the hills) – I was reminded of what God showed me last week. I wanted to share it with you – to encourage you to stick with your heavenly Father during these troubled times. Be at peace . . . and full of JOY! L 🙂 A week ago, during the worship time at my church (before the pastor prayed for the nation’s economy and before he spoke on “Knowing the Unshakable”) God showed me a picture that has stuck with me all week and gave me great peace. I KNOW that He is saying this to all His children, especially during these frightening economic times – with fear being spread all over the TV news … Read entire article »

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Elijah Wine

This morning in my prayertime God took me down a hallway to show me something. He opened up the 3rd door on the right. It was the “Wine and Grain” room. The wine racks were empty and there was no grain. God said “I have poured out my wine on my people. They have drank it and used it, but did not multiply it to refill this rack. They used it for themselves, but not for what I designed it for.” When I asked him where the grain was, He said “my people have not brought it in. I am waiting to fill this room with grain, but no one is bringing it in.” (I asked Him “No one?” . . . and I had the sense that there were other rooms … Read entire article »

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Visions of a Wall and of San Francisco

I feel that I need to share these visions. Recently God told me he was going to be expanding my visions – not just for my family, friends and church – but much larger . . . for this nation . . . and others as well. I wasn’t expecting it to be so soon or like this. I am trying to be obedient in “saying what I (God) tell you to say”. And I know that with this knowledge comes the responsibility to interceed! That’s good! I can do that!! 🙂 I encourage you to join me in intercession! When typing out these visions – I knew nothing about San Francisco . . . nothing about previous prophecies or things going on there. Since writing this – I have watched … Read entire article »

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