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Intimate Friendship with God

I just found a book review I did when I was in YWAM (Youth With a Mission) doing a DTS (Discipleship Training School) when I was 19 years old – in Lausanne, Switzerland. The book was “Intimate Friendship with God” by Joy Dawson. This was written at a time in my life when God was rescuing me (from myself and my self-destruction) and changing me – breaking me, shaping me, molding me into something more beautiful! I thought I would share it with you to encourage you to read this book for yourself (and I may just have to dig out my copy of Joy’s book and reread it). Take a drink from the deep today! Lori 🙂 Intimate Friendship with God by Joy Dawson Jan. 1990 DTS Out of the 16 chapters in this … Read entire article »

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God’s Plan for your Life!

< ![endif]–> While driving in the car recently, Jeremy and I were talking about the future – what God has for us, etc. I don’t really recall all of what we were saying or talking about – but Jeremy must have said something about not knowing what God’s plan was for his life, or if he was doing what he was supposed to be doing. All of a sudden, our 11 year old son piped up and said “Dad . . . I think God procrastinated on your life plan!” 🙂 We busted up laughing! 🙂 Do you ever feel that way? That God may have “procrastinated on your life plan”? Do you feel like you don’t know WHAT God has for you? Or did you have dreams long ago, but now you … Read entire article »

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The Bible Bill

The Bible bill? – Yahoo! News Source: When the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31, 2009, Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) hopes you’ll be ringing in “the Year of the Bible.” This article just makes me want to cry! I am grieving over our country today! Christianity on the decline? Atheism on the rise? . . . and we want to focus on healthcare issues instead of what’s really important?? What’s wrong with people?? Especially those that call themselves Christians?? Our lawmakers and leaders (including some “Christians”) want to focus on the “blooms” and “flowers” that are dying – trying to keep them alive – but what they really need to focus on is the “roots” of the plant/tree. If the roots are unhealthy – then it … Read entire article »

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Spirit Airlines . . . crashing for flying too "low"??

Have you seen this video?(“What video?” you ask . . . you don’t really want to know. The picture will link you to another article – not the video. I don’t want to link to that trash.) Did you get the email from Spirit about their latest contest? Have you ever even heard about Spirit Airlines? I found out about Spirit Airlines a couple years ago when we were going through our adoption process. I was looking for a low-fare way to go visit our daughter. I was so excited to find Spirit Airlines and the ridiculously low fares that they offered from time to time! However, I was sad to find out that Spirit Airlines didn’t fly to our airport. I even wrote the city leaders (as suggested by Spirit) … Read entire article »

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Prayer Alert for America

Just wanted to pass on this prayer alert video from Cindy Jacobs at Generals International. She is sharing more about Obama’s new policies and agendas. I briefly mentioned these in a previous post (Raise up and army). Cindy has more to say on her website (and in an email I received). I won’t paste it all here – but PLEASE go to their website here to read more! These are serious issues that should be of great concern for us as Christians! Please take the time to educate yourself and make a commitment to pray for our leaders and our nation! America, President Obama and our leaders need all the prayers we can offer up!! If you have never prayed for our country or it’s … Read entire article »

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The ONLY Resolution you need to make!

In 2008, I resolve to . . . . What did you resolve to do in 2008? Did you write it down? Make a list? Was it longer than your grocery list? Did you make any resolutions or goals at all? In years past I have had goals and resolution lists longer than the Constitution and all it’s amendments. . . . . ok . . . maybe not quite that long . . . but close! And each year I felt like a big fat loser in looking at how many resolutions and goals I actually kept or obtained in the 12 months God gave me that year. So last year I decided to do things differently. . . . I didn’t make any goals or resolutions! I figured – if … Read entire article »

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