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Redesigning your shackles and chains

Redesigning your shackles and chains

Are you tired of wearing shackles and chains . . . . . . of feeling bound up . . . unable to get free from things in your past, in the present, or even worries about the future? What is it that is keeping you from living in freedom? Current or past sins? Unforgiveness? Anger? Hurts? Abuse? Doubt? Fear? Whatever it is . . . do you believe that God can help you break free? And not only that . … Read entire article »

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The Super Bowl and the Super-Natural

I’ve said it before . . . but this year I want my family to live in the supernatural! I am tired of the ordinary. I believe God is calling all of us to live more in His presence than ever before! He WANTS to release His power to perform miracles (healings, provision and more). He wants to release His power to transform lives. Time is crucial! There is no more time to be sitting around on the sidelines just waiting for things to happen. We have to get out there and bring in the harvest. We need to minister to those around us. We need to get our eyes off of ourselves – our selfish desires, our needs and wants, our “future ministry” – and focus on the … Read entire article »

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Excited by an Inauguration to come!

Did you watch the inauguration this week? Were you excited . . . amazed . . . in awe . . . indifferent . . . angry . . . sad? Did it stir up any emotions in you at all? I normally do not care about the inaugurations and have probably only watched 1 other in my life. But I could feel the excitement in the air everywhere I went about this past Tuesday’s events. It was as if royalty was coming to town. It definitely WAS an historic moment, and I am thrilled at how far we have come in the last 60 years – to finally see not only a black man as president, but to have seen 2 other women in the running … Read entire article »

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The ONLY Resolution you need to make!

In 2008, I resolve to . . . . What did you resolve to do in 2008? Did you write it down? Make a list? Was it longer than your grocery list? Did you make any resolutions or goals at all? In years past I have had goals and resolution lists longer than the Constitution and all it’s amendments. . . . . ok . . . maybe not quite that long . . . but close! And each year I felt like a big fat loser in looking at how many resolutions and goals I actually kept or obtained in the 12 months God gave me that year. So last year I decided to do things differently. . . . I didn’t make any goals or resolutions! I figured – if … Read entire article »

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I know how you feel

2:35pm – The school bus arrives and unloads my precious cargo. I gear myself up for what is about to walk through the door. “Welcome home!” I sweetly sing. “How was your day? Come give me a hug. Do you need a snack? Let’s get one before we start homework, ok? I’m so glad you are home.” Frowns, grumbling, screaming, angry faces seem to be the normal response from 2 of the 3 kids. . . . the boys to be specific. I remain calm and give lots of love, hugs and kisses (to those that will still let me), and continue to speak in my “nice mom” voice. My daughter is usually happy upon returning home, but I spend the next 2 hours, … Read entire article »

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My Daddy is taking care of it!

As I watched the stock market go on a roller coaster ride today (mostly going down the hills) – I was reminded of what God showed me last week. I wanted to share it with you – to encourage you to stick with your heavenly Father during these troubled times. Be at peace . . . and full of JOY! L 🙂 A week ago, during the worship time at my church (before the pastor prayed for the nation’s economy and before he spoke on “Knowing the Unshakable”) God showed me a picture that has stuck with me all week and gave me great peace. I KNOW that He is saying this to all His children, especially during these frightening economic times – with fear being spread all over the TV news … Read entire article »

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