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Shifting my armies – Big battle coming

I have been feeling strongly lately that I am supposed to share this word now. In a conversation with God back on October 16th, 2009 – I was asking Him about certain prophetic words that had been coming out about attacks on the US. This is what I feel He told me to write down . . . Hear me on this Lori. There IS coming a day that will be painful – not only for the United States, but other nations as well. This is not about the U.S., or about the other nations. It’s about me. There is a war going on that you cannot see, that has been escalating for years now. It is getting bigger … Read entire article »

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Pull back the curtains!

I feel like God wants me to share with you a recent conversation with Him (2/4/10). This is a word – not only for us as individuals – but for the church as a whole. Here it is . . . L – Ok God. Here I am – ready to write. What did you want me to write? What did you want to say? G – Listen carefully. What do you hear? L – Physically or spiritually? G – Spiritually L – Peace, joy, love, patience, kindness . . . 🙂 The fruit of the spirit. G – Yes – but what else? L – (open my ears Lord) Rain? G – What kind of rain? L – Gentle rain – like a gentle spring rain – tapping on … Read entire article »

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