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Disillusioned with organized church/religion

AliveNewFreshPowerfulRealAuthenticPassionate These, and many other adjectives, seem to be the buzz-words of this generation. “I’m not going to church anymore because it’s just not alive . . . authentic . . . real. . . etc . . . I’m really discontent and disillusioned with the organized church. I need something more – and I’m not finding it at church.” I hear many similar statements all around me. I, myself, have felt quite discontent over the past few years. It surprised me at first. What was wrong? Was it me? Was it the pastor? Was it the preaching . . . the worship? Was it just this church? Should I go somewhere else? I was ready to leave. I wasn’t … Read entire article »

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Have Peace? . . . Are you Free?

“There is no peace unless we are free!” I had never watched the Academy award winning movie Joan of Arc (with Ingrid Bergman), but felt compelled to check it out at our library the other day. Sad to say, I really didn’t know much about this heroine – but felt like I should. I cried off and on the first 30 minutes or more of the movie! It wasn’t the acting, the script, the cinematography . . . it was the eerily similar calling and revelations in her life compared to mine (except – hopefully – not to burn at the stake!). Hers was to help set the people of France free from the English who had invaded her country. Who was she? Just a young (teenage) peasant farm … Read entire article »

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