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FREE MP3 download: Graham Cooke – What God wants from you

Graham Cooke

If you haven’t heard me say it before . . . I LOVE Graham Cooke!

I love the kindness of God that he carries.  I love the heavenly perspective he has on life – especially on the difficult things we go through in life.  If you’ve read or listened to anything by him – you’ve probably heard him talk about getting an “upgrade” in life!

When we are faced with a difficult situation (financial, relational, emotional, etc) – we are to not look at it as “Why is this happening?  What’s wrong with me?” – but to realize that God wants to give us an “upgrade” in this area of our life!

Instead of asking “Why” – we are to ask “What are you doing God?  And what is my response to be?”.

Also ask – “WHO are you wanting to be for me in this season?” 🙂

Awesome!  This has helped me so much in the dark, difficult times – to realize, it’s not just the enemy attacking, or things going wrong – but actually there is an opportunity in my life now for an upgrade, for a miracle, for a new way of thinking and living!  Thank you God!

About Graham

I want to start to share some resources with you from people who have been a blessing to me – and one of those people is Graham Cooke.  Here’s a bit about him from his website:

Graham Cooke has a passion to bring God’s people into deeper levels of relationship and intimacy with the Lord. His life and ministry are underpinned by his delightful, intimate and unreserved two-way friendship with God.

He inspires others to pursue God with abandon…letting go of old mindsets and opening up a radically new understanding of who God really is.  He brings insight, hope and vision for the future of individuals, churches, cities and nations through prophetic ministry and powerful teaching.  

Originally from Manchester, England,  he now lives in California and is part of the leadership team at The Mission in Vacaville.  He is the founder of Brilliant Book House and My Emerging Light. 


Here are 2 awesome sermons/teachings that I have recently listened to by Graham Cooke:

What God wants from you:

An encouraging message about God and his amazing kindness, love, generosity, etc towards each of us.  He gives us what we need to be able to give back to him.  He wants to give us His love – so that we can truly love him in return.  He has something he wants to pour out into each of your lives – a unique trait or aspect of who God is – just for you – that will be evident throughout your whole life. [I know for me – it is the love and heart of God]  For Graham – it’s God’s loving-kindness.  We all want to be loved, to belong and to be significant . . . and God wants that for you as well!  You are amazing – and God’s love for you in never-ending . . .it is limitless! 🙂

Strike the Ground:

Love, Love, LOVE this one!  In the midst of the battles we face – are we really facing the enemy?  Is the battle brought on by the enemy – or is it God, wanting to root out and destroy any works of the enemy in our life?  It might just be God battling FOR you! 🙂

Some fantastic quotes from this message:

  • Your responsibility is your response to God’s ability.
  • Battles are only designed for breakthroughs.
  • When the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself – make sure you respond within the lifetime of that opportunity.
  • Unbelief creates a vacuum – one that the Devil is more than pleased to fill!
  • Tension doesn’t mean that something is wrong – it means something is happening!
  • God doesn’t want a partial victory – He wants total annihilation.
  • One person with God – is always in the majority!

Want more of Graham Cooke?

Here are some more FREE MP3 messages you can download from him.

I also HIGHLY recommend his Way of the Warrior series!! ($20/set of 3. A good price – as I paid $9/each book.) These 3 small books are chock full of information, inspiration and encouragement as you realize just how powerful you are as a warrior – to destroy the works of the enemy!  You will want to read them over and over again!

You can also catch him on  I LOVE as well!  They have many great speakers – not just the Bethel pastors.  You can get a FREE subscription to see many of the speakers and worship sessions – or you can subscribe to one of the inexpensive paid plans to have even more options of who to listen to.  I love it!  I put it on many mornings as I’m getting ready for the day.

Got any other Graham Cooke resources to share?

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11 Responses to "FREE MP3 download: Graham Cooke – What God wants from you"

  1. […] it is a perfect place to begin a new day – a new season – to be rescued from on High, to be given an “upgrade” in an area (or many) in your […]

  2. laura sroufe says:

    Thank you

    1. Lori says:

      You are welcome!

  3. Lucius says:

    Who ever you are, Thanks big time. Your work is wonderful (full of Our Jesus). A real joy full!
    Humble, TX

    1. Lori says:

      Thanks Lucius! Your comment totally blessed me!
      Abundant Blessings!!
      Lori 🙂

  4. jessica says:

    Hey, I really want to listen to the message, “What God Wants from You.” However the website’s link seems to no longer be working. I keep trying to find this message online, but with no luck. Is there another way I could get it?

    1. Lori says:

      Hi Jessica!
      Thanks for the heads up on these links. I’m sad that site is no longer up. It had quite a few downloads on there.
      I’ve uploaded links for you – so if you click on the sermon link – it will open up in a new tab/window. You can listen to it online – or download it. You can “save page as” (an mp3) onto your computer or Right click on link and “save link as” (on Mac) – then save it to your computer where you can open it/import it into itunes.
      Hope that helps!
      I’ve fixed the other links as well – and found another site that has a 3 day conference set you can listen to (that looks good – but I haven’t listened to it yet). There are some videos on that site at well.
      Lori 🙂

  5. Dari says:

    Hi Lori or author of this article,

    Thank you very much for posting the audio of Strike the Ground with Graham Cooke. Unfortunately, the audio cut off during the time when he was asking the congregation to prophetically act in striking the ground with him. Do you happen to know where I can the part that was cut off at the end? Or do you know to say or do when you are prophetically striking the ground?

    1. Lori says:

      Hi there!
      I’m so sorry that it cuts off. I’ve checked my copy of it, as well as some other places online – and it does the same. It may have been originally recorded that way. Not sure what he says or does when striking the ground at the end. My suggestion . . . ask God what He wants you to say and do! He knows you best. He knows your situation. He knows everything about you – and he know what you need right at this moment!
      As Graham said around 5 minutes from the beginning of the sermon – Strike means “Apply God’s SPECIFIC word with His express permission” and the “Ground” is your current circumstances and your life. So – what is God’s “specific” word for YOU for the circumstances you are going through? Apply it to whatever you are going through! God does not lie, and He wants to do amazing things in your life (it just doesn’t always “feel” amazing at the time! 🙂 . . . kind of like childbirth. It’s painful to go through . . . but what an AMAZING thing it is to birth a brand new life!)
      May God bless you abundantly – in whatever you are going through! Take the authority He has given you and stand firm (and “strike the ground” firmly) in everything you go through! Remember – there CAN be peace in the midst of the storms of life. Keep the picture of Jesus, asleep on a cushion in the boat in the midst of the storm (while his disciples freaked out around him)! We can live that way as well! Our circumstances might not change . . . but our internal circumstances can!
      Peace and abundant blessings to you!

  6. elsie visser says:

    I would love to have more downloads on graham cookes teachings. Thank you! Awesome revelations!!

  7. Deborah Green says:

    Many thanks. So uplifting. I am despirate to have Grahams kind of relationship with Jesus.

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