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2013 – A Banner Year!

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On Sunday, December 23rd, 2012 I was sitting in church asking God what He had to say that day . . . for me and my family . . . for the church . . . or anyone around me.

This is not abnormal for me. 🙂

I LOVE hearing what my Daddy has to say . . . for me . . . for others . . . for YOU!  He has some amazing thoughts and things to say to all of us!  His love, compassion, wisdom, peace and more always amaze me!  So I will ask Him frequently what He has to say.

I wanted to share with you what He told me this day.  I thought at first it was just for me and my family (as God has been “tilling” our soil – individually, in our marriage, our kids, in every area it seems – digging up the nasty weeds and roots that He no longer wants there . . . so He can do something good with our soil.) – but God said it’s for everyone.  So I guess that means I need to share it!  🙂

I was going to wait until Jan 1st to share this with you all . . . but I feel like some of you need to hear this before the end of the year. 

With all the scary talk about a fiscal cliff, and the negative news and rumors we hear about everything we need to be afraid of, worried about, concerned over, how our world is falling apart, etc . . . I can feel God wanting to comfort His kids, draw them close, protect them, love them, take care of them and show them just how much He loves them and what He wants to say to them!

So here is what He said!

God:  I sure do love my kids!

Lori:  I know you do!

G:   No . . . I REALLY do!  🙂

L:   I know! 🙂

G:  2012 has been a year of tilling.  No necessarily a fun year – but a very necessary year!  The ground needs to be free and clear of anything that could hinder a bountiful and beautiful crop and harvest.

But 2013 will be a year of planting seeds and watering Where there has been unrest and even pain – there will be a season of rest (for the soil) but also of great growth.

I am depositing things into your lives early this next year – that I will water throughout the year.  Each kind of plant will sprout and grow at different rates, so don’t be discouraged if you see some things sprouting quickly and others seem to take longer.  The ones that sprout quickly are for a shorter season – for a need in that season – and they grow fast to be harvested quickly.  But those that take longer to sprout – are forming a strong, vast and expansive root system before you even see the sprouts beginning to grow.  But once they show themselves, they will start to grow straight up and tall – taller than the quick-sprouting plants – and they will become tall trees – able to carry and produce an abundance of fruit – for a long time

So, do not be discouraged if you do not see growth in those areas you deeply desire to see growth in.  Know that I am doing something amazing and vital underneath the soil.  Without the strong root structure – the tall plants would fall – would topple!  So, do not despise the season of waiting – but trust that I am doing what needs to be done – in secret – underneath the soil – in the dark.

2013 will be a banner year!  It will be a year of great growth – but also a year of harvest and celebration!  It will be a banner year!  It will be a year of celebration!

Come celebrate with me – because I am preparing a table – to feast and celebrate at.  I am getting it ready even before the harvest is brought in.  Know that I am preparing a table before you – yes, in the presence of your enemies (Psalm 23:5).  We will feast – no matter what!  We will feast, because the harvest will be plentiful and because I love to feast with my kids!  I love to see them bring in the fruit of their labors, the harvest in their lives – and add it to the harvest and bounty I have provided!  What a feast we will have!

L:  That’s awesome God!  I’m looking forward to it! What else do you want to show me about today, the rest of 2012 or for 2013?  Are these words just for my family or the church in general?

G:  EVERYONE!  I’ve been tilling everyone’s land in different and various ways.  Some have needed an overhaul – and others have only had a few spots where weeks have grown.  It doesn’t matter if I’ve done a little or a lot . . . I’ve tilled them all because I find this ground and land HIGHLY VALUABLE – good soil that is capable of bearing amazing fruit! 

Don’t be discouraged if it feels like your land was hopeless and covered in weeds and rocks.  Underneath it all is some amazing soil!!  🙂  I am going to plant, grow and produce such amazing fruit and harvest from this soil!  Do not be discouraged.  Be encouraged . . . because you are worth so much and can produce an amazing harvest and fruit! 

Will you let me finish tilling (don’t hold onto the roots of those weeds I’m trying to pull up!  Let go!!!)?

Will you let me disrupt the soil once more to plant seeds?

And will you let me water and encourage the seeds to grow?

Don’t stop the growth!  Don’t cut down the sprouts when they come up – thinking they are weeds.  Let them grow.  If you see weeds growing up with some of the good plants – don’t worry.  These weeds are small and are not going to affect the growth of the plants.  Pull them up later once the good plants have grown stronger – so as to not pull up the tender sprouts and roots just as they are forming.  Some of the little weeds will even shrivel up and die as the plants out grow them and the roots crowd out the roots of the weeds.  Do not be discouraged – but focus on the plants I’ve sowed.  These will crowd out the little, insignificant weeds that crop up.

L:  Awesome God!  Thank you for sharing this with me!  You are amazing!!  Thank you!

** Banner Year = more than expected, above expectations.  Very good year financially, physically, emotionally, etc.  A good year because something is successful.  Unusually good; outstanding.

2013 – A Banner Year!

I don’t know about you . . . but I am looking forward to enjoying a Banner year!  For us personally, the end of 2012 has already been a Banner season.  God has blessed us with so many unexpected little and big blessings . . . and even our Christmas, which we all thought would not be a very good one (financially) – ended up exceeding our expectations in so many ways!  Wow . . .

God is good . . .

. . . All the time!

I pray that 2013 is truly a year of planting and abundance of harvest/fruit – a BANNER YEAR for you!

Let God continue to till, weed and get your soil ready.  Let go of all that He has been unearthing.  Don’t continue to just chop off the tops of the weeds that have sprouted and shown themselves in your life (the hurts, wounds, ungodly beliefs, sins and other issues) . . . but let God do the deeper work . . . removing the whole weed plant – roots and all!

No – it’s not fun . . . but then end result is worth it!  Then you won’t have to worry about chopping off the weeds or hiding them when they show their ugly leaves . . . but they will be gone once and for good.

A friend of mine would always tell me – “God reveals to heal”.

If something is being revealed in your life, your marriage, your finances, etc . . . trust that God wants to heal it – to set you free – to see you living the abundant life He died on the cross to give you! 

Let Him go in deep – and fully remove those roots!

And then let him begin to plant new seeds in 2013!

He’s about to do something amazing in your life . . . . IF you let Him!

Will you?

Blessings – and Happy New Year!

– Lori 🙂

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

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