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Happy Valentine’s Day! You are LOVED!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I had wanted to say Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you earlier today, but I ended spending the day preparing to surprise my kids and hubby with a turkey dinner, “fancy” decorations for the table (including the “good” plates and glasses), homemade Valentine’s cards for the kids (that started off going to be just a simple cut out heart – but I got carried away cutting hearts!), Fundamiddles cupcakes and more! Currently my 9 year old just taught me how to play Texas Hold’em with him and his 7 year old sister (probably good ages for me to play against – as I don’t have a clue what I’m doing!). Then later we are using our FREE Redbox code we got on Facebook for Valentine’s to watch … Read entire article »

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The Hands & Heart of God (JJ Heller:Your Hands)

The Hands & Heart of God (JJ Heller:Your Hands)

Listening to this song this morning, I felt there was someone that needed to not only hear it – but hear a word from God – just for them! First – Here are the lyrics for this song.  Read them while you listen. Your Hands (JJ Heller) I have unanswered prayers I have trouble I wish wasn’t there And I have asked a thousand ways That you would take my pain away You would take my pain away I am trying to understand How … Read entire article »

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