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God’s Plan for your Life!

< ![endif]–> While driving in the car recently, Jeremy and I were talking about the future – what God has for us, etc. I don’t really recall all of what we were saying or talking about – but Jeremy must have said something about not knowing what God’s plan was for his life, or if he was doing what he was supposed to be doing. All of a sudden, our 11 year old son piped up and said “Dad . . . I think God procrastinated on your life plan!” 🙂 We busted up laughing! 🙂 Do you ever feel that way? That God may have “procrastinated on your life plan”? Do you feel like you don’t know WHAT God has for you? Or did you have dreams long ago, but now you … Read entire article »

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In over your head

God had showed me a vision on Sunday during worship. We were like the Israelites – we have been set free (from Egypt/bondage/saved from that which enslaved us) – and we are on our way in life. . . but we have come up against the Red Sea – an impossible situation. We feel trapped – our enemies are on our back and it seems that there is no way to go – no way out of this. What use was our salvation/freedom if this is what is going to happen?!! When this happened to the Israelites- they wanted to just go back to Egypt – where at least they would have food, shelter and wouldn’t die like this. Yes, they would be in slavery/bondage – but that would … Read entire article »

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