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The Bible Bill

The Bible bill? – Yahoo! News Source: When the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31, 2009, Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) hopes you’ll be ringing in “the Year of the Bible.” This article just makes me want to cry! I am grieving over our country today! Christianity on the decline? Atheism on the rise? . . . and we want to focus on healthcare issues instead of what’s really important?? What’s wrong with people?? Especially those that call themselves Christians?? Our lawmakers and leaders (including some “Christians”) want to focus on the “blooms” and “flowers” that are dying – trying to keep them alive – but what they really need to focus on is the “roots” of the plant/tree. If the roots are unhealthy – then it … Read entire article »

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Prayer Warriors . . . are YOU one?!

I just HAD to reprint this!! It was sent to me in an email from Elijah List. (Just to let you know . . . Their website (and emails) are a bit of a sensory overload (with ads and info) – and I don’t necessarily agree with their marketing techniques (ie – all the sales ads I get via email) – but many of the words of encouragement, prophecy, etc have really been timely in my life. I encourage you to check it out.) This is at the heart and core of who I am and what I have been trying to tell many of my friends and family! It’s full of so much that God has been teaching me lately about prayer and the authority I have … Read entire article »

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