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Spirit Airlines . . . crashing for flying too "low"??

Have you seen this video?(“What video?” you ask . . . you don’t really want to know. The picture will link you to another article – not the video. I don’t want to link to that trash.) Did you get the email from Spirit about their latest contest? Have you ever even heard about Spirit Airlines? I found out about Spirit Airlines a couple years ago when we were going through our adoption process. I was looking for a low-fare way to go visit our daughter. I was so excited to find Spirit Airlines and the ridiculously low fares that they offered from time to time! However, I was sad to find out that Spirit Airlines didn’t fly to our airport. I even wrote the city leaders (as suggested by Spirit) … Read entire article »

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"My Favrit Book . . . "

I just had to post this! My 6 year old, 1st grader, had to write (in public school) about his favorite book. The above pictures are what he wrote! You go son!! 🙂 Here is what it says: “My favrit book is the Bible. It tells abot holy stuf. It has a old tesment and a new testment. It shows a part of a glob(e) at the back of the book. This book is holy.” Who says you can’t talk about God or the Bible in school?! 🙂 And he sure is right . . . it IS holy and it DOES talk about holy stuff! 🙂 Oh – the word “David” and the arrow is pointing to the arm of the person holding the Bible. I … Read entire article »

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Your Father’s Love

I can’t begin to explain or tell you how much I desire for each of you to fully know and understand the love that our heavenly Father has for each of you . . . all His children! His true and overwhelming love! If you do not know or understand what I am talking about – I encourage you to take the time today to watch/listen to THIS WEBCAST of James Jordan talking about the Father’s love (put on by CBN.c0m). It just may change your life!! It was the love of the Father – understanding it and experiencing it – that totally changed my life (in many ways and on many levels) and my spiritual walk with the Lord! It changed my faith from … Read entire article »

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