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Today is a day to Fight!

Yesterday was a good day! I woke up for church and hopped in the shower as usual. I wasn’t terribly excited about going to church. Lately it had has felt like . . . church . . . like religion. . . not like the living, active, exciting, ever-changing relationship and celebration that it used to be. I don’t want church. I don’t want to start off with a hymn, sing 3 worship songs – 1 slow, 1 upbeat and 1 multi-cultural, then sit down, watch and listen to the announcements, give our tithe, say hello to everyone as we shuffle off the kids to their classes, then sit and listen to the pastor preach a good sermon, but end on time so as to keep the … Read entire article »

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Raise up an Army!

I received an email yesterday from Mike and Cindy Jacobs (that I will post below). After reading it and then hearing more news today about the executive order that Obama signed today (purposely on the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade), I just cried and my heart became heavy for this nation (again). It just hurts. (Here’s another article on the executive order and other plans) I spent the morning praying for Obama, our leaders, Washington DC and our nation. First of all – here is the email from the Jacobs and their ministry at Dear Intercessors, Yesterday we had a transition in our government. I rejoiced to see the first African American president. I loved the unique love displayed across what has been a massive racial … Read entire article »

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Excited by an Inauguration to come!

Did you watch the inauguration this week? Were you excited . . . amazed . . . in awe . . . indifferent . . . angry . . . sad? Did it stir up any emotions in you at all? I normally do not care about the inaugurations and have probably only watched 1 other in my life. But I could feel the excitement in the air everywhere I went about this past Tuesday’s events. It was as if royalty was coming to town. It definitely WAS an historic moment, and I am thrilled at how far we have come in the last 60 years – to finally see not only a black man as president, but to have seen 2 other women in the running … Read entire article »

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Riding the Waves

Are you feeling beat up today? Are you feeling tossed around, caught in the edge of a rough surf in life? What is causing you to feel that way? What can be done about it? There are many days when my life as mother of 5 little kids feels just that way – noisy, busy, exhausting, relentless, unending, and messy. The “waves” never end. The house continues to be a mess no matter how many hours I spend cleaning it. The kids will still whine, or cry, or scream, or fight tomorrow no matter how many times we’ve dealt with the same issues before. There will still be meals that need to be cooked, laundry that needs to be washed, boo-boos that need to be kissed, fights that need to … Read entire article »

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Time to Rescue

I find it fascinating how God will quietly and secretly intertwine things in my life to make a point. He does it all the time . . . but I have to pay attention. Many times it may seem like a coincidence – but I know it’s not. I’ve heard Him talk to me so many times in my life through various means, that I know it is by His design and not just some coincidence. Lately there have been a few themes running through various channels in my life (like preachers on tv, my own devotional times, random conversations with friends, etc). The first of which is that God has been getting on my case about my procrastination in writing the book He wants … Read entire article »

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