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The ONLY Resolution you need to make!

In 2008, I resolve to . . . . What did you resolve to do in 2008? Did you write it down? Make a list? Was it longer than your grocery list? Did you make any resolutions or goals at all? In years past I have had goals and resolution lists longer than the Constitution and all it’s amendments. . . . . ok . . . maybe not quite that long . . . but close! And each year I felt like a big fat loser in looking at how many resolutions and goals I actually kept or obtained in the 12 months God gave me that year. So last year I decided to do things differently. . . . I didn’t make any goals or resolutions! I figured – if … Read entire article »

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A Setup for the Miraculous – The next level!

Well folks . . . God is good! It is good to trust Him! 🙂 I can’t go into details, but let’s just say that God is providing for our needs!! 🙂 He has provided some money towards our furnace issue (which still isn’t resolved and we have been living on space heaters), and for our daily/monthly expenses! Did I tell you God is good?! 🙂 We are still seeking 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions on our furnace and asking God for His FINAL opinion (of course). I trust Him to meet our needs completely to fix it!! Praise the Lord!! Keep trusting Him for your needs and go a little deeper with Him today! He loves you more than you know!! L 🙂 … Read entire article »

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To Know Him Better

To Know Him Better

I have a prayer for you today. My heart is yearning and aching for you to know God better. That is what this blog is all about. I am not just spending my time writing for my own benefit . . . but for yours. I long to see so many people go deeper with God – to really KNOW Him – to really LOVE Him – to really know HIS love. It’s not always comfortable … Read entire article »

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A Setup for the Miraculous!

Have you ever felt “set up” by God? 🙂 Have you ever felt tested? I’m sure most of us have. I know I have. But I am grateful for it. Why am I grateful? How can I be grateful? I am grateful for the increase in faith that has developed out of the testing. I am grateful for the increased peace and patience that has come from it. I am thankful for the increased sense of love, power, mercy, grace, support, provision and more. I am a better woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and lover of God today than I was before I was ever tested. How can I be grateful . . . it’s basically a choice. Like most things in life – it boils down to a choice. … Read entire article »

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